Byron Bay Nightlife

byron bay nightlife guide

The best thing about Byron Bay is the energy and vibe of the place.  People flock to Byron Bay nightlife from all over the world to experience the spiritual energy that is naturally part of the place.  Personally, Byron Bay holds a really strong connection for me, and I have taken my family holiday each year on an annual pilgrimage there each summer for the last four years.  As a sober coach and living the life drug and alcohol free – my days have certainly changed from when I was stumbling around Byron late in the night in my teens and twenties.

Law of Attraction Byron Bay

byron bay pubs

So this Byron Bay Nightlife Guide might not be much use if you want to know all the local haunts and places to go – instead, I am sharing what alternatives there are to staying out late and drinking and getting into random trouble doing the wrong thing.  For me, life is about clarity, positivity and personal development.  I have come full circle from my hazy days when I was basically grumpy if I wasn’t drinking or on my way to be drinking.

Now, as a health and wellness consultant and advocate for a clean living and simple lifestyle, you are most likely to see me at a yoga class or running up to the lighthouse in the morning.

Law of Attraction Byron Bay

byron bay monday night

Each weekday in Byron Bay Nightlife offers a different experience – and for me it is about getting to taste the different foods on offer.  I also like to experience different types of yoga each day so , despite the extra cost of doing casual classes, (around the $17 mark) it makes sense to get a good feel for what is on offer by doing a different class at a different yoga school each night.

thursday night in byron bay

On payday Thursday night, it is always worth checking out the night markets which are near the train station, or over on the oval across the tracks.  You can meet some realy intersting spiritual people and discover some things you may not be familiar with.

We have met musicians, yoga teachers, life coaches and personal development specialists, artists, artisan makers and various other independent makers.  It is a real pleasure to be able to connect with such talented and individual people in such a small space – as well as walk around with some delicious food in your hands.

Law of Attraction Byron Bay

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At night, it is far better to stay sober and head down towards the beach where you can listen to the drummers and just sit and be mindful with all the pother people form all over the world.  there is something quite magical about hearing different languages and seeing people with all different skin colours and shapes and sizes all together in peace and harmony.  Seriously, it is just wonderful to be able to sit back and drink it all in.  Maybe watch the fire twirlers with their fire display, or listen to a busker playing the harmonica – there are endless distractions and activities going on.

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Numerology Byron BayWhen you wake up early and get a fresh start – instead of being hungover and exhausted from a night of Byron Bay nightlife – the best thing for you can be heading up to the lighthouse for a run.  From the town main street it is about an hour or so to run up to the lighthouse, touch it, and then run back down along the beach.  As you zig zag along the paths and through the rainforest, be grateful that you haven’t had to deal with the noise and expensive drinks at the best bars in Byron Bay.

byron bay night markets

Seriously – wandering through the exotic local stalls hand made by some of the most talented local artisans – from food and drinks to lothing, jewellery and momentoes – this is the place for esoteric gifts.  Visit Byron Bay and enjoy the energy, beauty and vibrancy of the place.